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excessive intolerance of opposing views

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Bush is in the White House because God put him there is one of the most inane, ill-advised examples of fundamentalist zealotry.
IF YOU NOW FIND YOURSELF obsessed, in the wake of September 11, with the possibilities of other heinous acts, if you feel like a target for zealotry and extremism, if you are now doubting your government's ability to protect you, then you are getting an idea of what it has felt like to be African-American for a good part of this country's history.
But Johns believes the biggest threat is "multilateral trade negotiations, underpinned by free market zealotry.
Unisex feminism certainly has its inanities and its zealotry, aptly dubbed "biodenial" by Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge in their 1994 book Professing Feminism.
Some of his Labour Party colleagues are having nightmares about the Prime Minister's new found zealotry for taxing Britain's poorest families.
You see that's what happens when your religious zealotry is conducted on the ground and you haven't been voted into a position of power.
Her boyfriend Angelo (Eugene Byrd) used to be one of Christian's cronies but has gone legit and, with the zealotry of a true convert, tries to convince her to stay away from him.
Ski bums, the backbone of the slope-grooming and chairlift operations, who saw their wages withering in the face of inflation caused by an influx of zillionaires, their benefits shrinking in the Face of Vail Associates' bottomline zealotry, and their laces freezing because of the company's new grooming guidelines.
Some of the worst horror stories come from academia, where the fear of litigation is compounded by feminist zealotry, and it is on the academy that Patai focuses.
One campaigning group has accused paediatricians of zealotry.
Nonetheless, these moments - her zealotry in equating extramarital sex and self-gratification with murder, her swoony nostalgia for castrati - make for the film's funniest moments.
Unfamiliar with the redistributionist zealotry of the old Left (or so rich they don't much care what slice the government takes), these newly wealthy technocrats tend to discount the importance of politics.
But Gerzon's admission that most Americans belong to multiple states, and his failure to demonstrate in any convincing way that this is changing, are reassuring rather than alarming America has been, and remains for the most part, a nation of free-thinking skeptics who are suspicious of zealotry and like to distribute their philosophical eggs among several baskets.
Here conducted with passion by Carlo Rizzi, the opera not only challenges our sensibilities - with themes of zealotry, obsession, lust, sexual awakening, incest and necrophilia - but also musically assaults our senses.
With wry references to subliminal advertising, NYPD zealotry, the educational system and even Slim Pickens' exit scene in ``Dr.