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Beyond the zaniness, these shows had something of consequence to say about the decade, a layer of hypocrisy that they were aiming to unspool.
As described by their daughters, these women varyingly displayed "resilience, hope, anger, frustration, madness, despair, happiness, humour, zaniness, mystery and light"--in other words, a full range of human feelings, emotions and behaviours.
There's a real feeling of zaniness and wackiness about the whole thing.
KiKi, aka 'The TNT Show', is the first of the two acts featured at the event, and stars Mr Vita, a real-life cartoon character full of zaniness, impressive juggling and his latest invention 'la bomba'.
What It's Like to Be a New Parent in Lebanon (Or: Why I'm Leaving) Before marriage and even children, Lebanon is awesome with its unpredictability and zaniness.
Familiarity aside, the film isn't funny with the gags and forced zaniness teeth-gnashingly awful.
is the third novel set in Wolf's iconic Toontown, where characters Eddie Valiant, Roger Rabbit, and Jessica Rabbit meet a slew of new Toons, take a trip through the zaniness that is Toontown, and, of course, solve a few mysteries along the way.
She explains how zaniness is a performance aesthetic that involves artful play and affective labor, how the interesting is about difference in the form of information and the routes of its movement and exchange, and how the cute aesthetic is a commodity involving feelings ranging from tenderness to an aggression to protect, elucidating how they are linked to representational practices across different media and specific genres and forms.
So what happened to all the big fashion statements that used to sum up the era in which we lived - the smart and chic 60s, the sheer zaniness of the 70s and the glam 80s.
Despite the zaniness, I guarantee you that your students will completely enjoy watching this production.
THE MID-POINT of King of the Road is where we give the teams their mystery guests and get weird with assorted zaniness.
The next few weeks promise plenty more zip and zaniness, including talking cats and a festival of fudge.
But, beneath all the zaniness, there is a whole heap of seriously good songs, all performed at full throttle.