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the fourth pillar of Islam is almsgiving as an act of worship

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In Pakistan till recent years people used to pay their zakat to the needy on self-assessed basis without involving state functionaries.
The transparent distribution of zakat funds is not only our official duty but also it is a great deed for seeking the blessing of Allah Almighty.
MANZAP is a zakat flagship intervention of the Muslim Association of Nigeria (MAN), Ibadan branch, designed to provide the services of collection and distribution of zakat (obligatory tax for Muslims) and sadaqat (voluntary donation) for the benefit of deserving beneficiaries.
She said that for the first six months installment of Zakat amount would be released in near future.
She was presiding over a departmental meeting in her office Friday which was attended by Secretary Zakat Hassan Iqbal and District Chairmen of Zakat Committees.
He added that beneficiaries received Zakat funds from banks and under some 21 projects overseen by banks.
Pour Adhoum, la crise economique rend aujourd'hui imperatif de faire reussir cette experience et de revoir la Zakat dans le sens de la promotion de nouveaux projets economiques et sociaux solidaires qui impulsent le developpement.
Provincial zakat council has also substantially increased monthly stipends for students of madrissas and vocational institutions and Leprosy patients while per bed funds for District and Tehsil Headquarters hospitals have also been enhanced.
The donations accounted for are the ones from those who directly deposited Zakat money in the fund's headquarters.
Islam also acknowledges the rights of individuals to use their wealth within the tenets of its law, in which the obligation to share with the needy exists in the form of zakat (or alms-giving).
Lahore -- Provincial Minister for Zakat and Ushr Nadeem Kamran has said that payment of Zakat fund will be made to the Mustahkeen through branchless banking and Telenor Easypaisa has been selected for this purpose.
E-ZAKAT: Al-Birr's Maufiq Mutallaq Al-Maramhi at a zakat collection desk.
Provincial Minister for Zakat & Ushr Malik Nadeem Kamran has announced the government's decision to modernize the system of distribution of Zakat among Mustahqeen.
Meethaq Islamic Banking, from Bank Muscat, supports the national campaign for Zakat organized by the Ministry of Awqaf and religious affairs during the holy month of Ramadhan.