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Formally known as the Belgium Congo, Mobutu's Republic of Zaire advocated Mobutism, rhetorically translated as nationalism, revolution, and authenticity, language through which economic and political independence would be achieved, and capitalism and communism would be supplanted.
Coutinho had said: "Our section could be decided by the number of goals teams score against Zaire.
Huge, potentially rich countries like Zaire and Nigeria were done in, he writes, by "the confusion sown by arbitrary borders, by the abrupt and haphazard imposition of alien political systems, by deliberate Western destabilization and finally by the economic turmoil that logically ensued.
The tournament began badly for Zaire as they slumped to a 2-0 defeat by Scotland in their opening match, with Joe Jordan and Peter Lorimer getting the goals.
In 1977, and again in 1978, Zaire (with the help of Belgium, France, Morocco, and other countries) repulsed invasions from Angola by former residents of Shaba region (as Katanga had been renamed in 1972).
Tayler went to the Congo to rejuvenate his own life and lose himself in the exotic - instead he is forced to face his own self-indulgent notions and acknowledge the suffering in the real Zaire.
The conflict in mineral-rich Zaire during 1996-1997 ended the rule of one of Africa's most resilient autocrats, Mobutu Sese Seko.
That voice reappears as the Price daughters grow up and form their own sometimes serious and sometimes ironic reflections on the tragedy of their family, and the larger tragedy of Zaire.
Samba emerged as a street artist in Kinshasa, Zaire, in the late '70s, painting tableaux of market scenes, prostitution, and anecdotes about power and corruption.
Burundi, along with Rwanda and Zaire, has suffered violent convulsions.
Goberno Zaire con mano de hierro durante casi 32 anos, fue muy conocido por sus intrigas politicas y a pesar de siete meses de rebelion y de tener a millares de guerrilleros tras el, no se rinde.
Cheering crowds welcomed Zaire rebels as they marched triumphantly into the capital Kinshasa yesterday.
Joseph Conrad's classic story of the horrors of imperialism is as nothing compared with the contemporary history of Zaire.
They all "lent" money to Zaire by the billions, carefully watched and monitored as Mobutu stole it.