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a young upwardly mobile professional individual

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If Clinton is both yuppie and non-yuppie, he'll have to be willing to betray both classes every now and then.
Here are just a few of the yuppie badges: yellow ties and red suspenders, Merlot, marinated salmon steaks, green-bottle beer, Club Med vacations, stuff with ducks on it, Gaggenau stoves, Sub-Zero refrigerators, latte, clothing from Ann Taylor or Ralph Lauren, designer water, Filofax binders, Cuisinarts, kiwi fruit, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, ventless Italian suits, pasta makers, bread makers, espresso-cappuccino makers, cell phones, home fax machines, air and water cleaners, laptop computers, exercise machines, massage tables, and remote controls for the television, the VCR, the CD player, the stereo receiver, the garage door, the child.
Oropeza is a fireball of comic intensity as Alonso and Taylor performs admirable double duty as prospective yuppie loft owner Agnes and the aged but spry Betty Rae.
grunge, metal, yuppies, goths, emos, greboes, skins, casuals, junglists, nerds, mouse-jockeys and Yetties: young, entrepreneurial, techbased,twentysomethings.
Yuppies lived in luxury flats and had lots of money, fun and sex - and everyone hated them for it, so the phrase "Yuppie" caught on.
But now our WRVS cafes face the chop over plans by the NHS to bring in yuppie coffee shops.
He has recognised the need of families on the housing waiting list for two, three, four and five bedroom houses as opposed to yuppie flats.
Lying prone on the frosted ground, I stare down the sights of the brand new L115A3 Long Range Sniper Rifle Colour Sergeant Yuppie then orders me to take up "first pressure" - pulling the trigger back to the firing point.
Yet it is largely the politician spearheading the public policies to attract the developers to build or rebuild urban spaces for yuppie clients.
Let the yuppie know skateboarding is not all about just soda pops.
Edgewater, New Jersey is a trendy yuppie community, offering a number of amenities including tennis clubs, eclectic restaurants, supermarkets and shopping centers, most within walking distance, all of which help to make The Park House a very compelling place to live.
Only three have won this term - Seafield Bogie, Saucy Night and Fill The Bunker, with the last-named being joined in the race by stablemate Hunting Yuppie.
The cowboy looks at the man, obviously a yuppie, then looks at his peacefully grazing herd and calmly answers, "Sure.
Further down the way, it serves as a yuppie suburban street.
s top celluloid exports--such as the Nick Park films and the yuppie treacle genre typified by Notting Hill and Love Actually--are "Little England" fantasies that would make Dickens cough up a roasted chestnut.