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Gruesome recipes, yucky ingredients and inventive flavourings are to be found in this cookbook with a difference.
will be answered in the Yucky You show which begins this Saturday at the Techniquest Science Theatre in Cardiff Bay.
We practise words that are yucky such as many and could.
Sean and Violet have a rather yucky discussion about artificial methods of getting pregnant, until Violet suggests they actually have sex.
The kids loved them; however, we "weren't allowed" to tell anyone what was in the cupcakes since the non-vegetarian kids had already made it known that soymilk is yucky.
CELLAR DWELLER You keep your mood on low by replaying a yucky mistake in your mind (missing that basket and losing the state finals) over and over.
Craig's little sister Joely, five, who is also a fan, said: 'It looks yucky but it's good fun.
They usually are surprised, and they think it's really yucky.
CAN you be Welsh if you're from Kairdiff and spell it Yucky Dar?
We do it on all different days, even when it's raining or yucky outside.
I knew he was uncomfortable with being called a lesbian, but so am I--it's just a yucky word.
Many consumers, especially women, initially respond to the idea as yucky and say it's something they can prepare quickly.
The TV supremo, 50, gulps down a litre a day of yucky veggie smoothies and allows himself just one light, protein-based meal in the evening.
Q MY gran gives my brother pounds 20 for his birthday but she buys me jumpers or slippers or yucky perfume.
You can zoom down on your broom to Selly Manor and take part in the garden witch hunt and dare to delve into the infamous yucky boxes.