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the basic unit of money in China


the imperial dynasty of China from 1279 to 1368

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Meanwhile, head of the state lender Bank Mandiri for Manado Hotman Nainggolan also spoke favorably about the possibility of yuan as an international currency.
2tn yuan with 22 countries and regions, according to Xinhua news agency.
Following the signing of a Yuan settlement deal last year, trade and financial ties between the nations have grown.
625 percent, after generating over 3 billion Yuan in orders from 75 investors across Asia.
currency into yuan in China to remit funds from the island to the mainland.
The potential issue from ENBD -- Dubai's largest bank by market value and majority government-owned -- is the Gulf Arab region's first yuan bond, reflecting the growing importance of bilateral ties with China and giving a further boost for yuan-denominated issuance in international markets.
Bankers said the plan is in the final stages and the financial centre is likely to start yuan transactions as early as this year, subject to regulatory clearances.
For example, in Shanghai, people working in banks had an average annual income of 357,500 Yuan in 2010, which is ten times higher that of the average urban worker in China.
Though Ukrainian may not have a word for yuan, I knew the feeling was the same--that human encounters are precious and miraculous in a way that goes beyond the power of words to describe.
Yet in both instances Yuan uses the same strategy to defend his poetry.
Seven banks surveyed by Bloomberg News all said the yuan would gain if China let the currency freely trade.
They found several with a "dramatic increase in activity," says Yuan.
But the prosecution refrained from requesting a sentence for Yuan Bin and his wife Xu Mei, who stands accused of being an accessory to the crime, since they showed deep remorse over the act and had a simple motive, the agency said.
With a 10cm thermo-insulation layer in the body of Yuan Jaan's steamer, the steamer can keep the heat inside well and circulate in the chamber evenly.
3333) results of first half of 2015 announced on August 31: EVERGRANDE Real Estate's (hereinafter referred to as EVERGRANDE) net profit of first half of 2015 was RMB13,290,000,000 yuan, including RMB 81,570,000,000 yuan from the core business; its cash balance was RMB10,160,000,000 and total assets was RMB53,985,000,000 yuan ranking No.