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political or religious or social reform movement or agitation consisting chiefly of young people

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GREAT FUN TOGETHER The Co-operative Youth Movement pictured on a coach trip in 1954
Moreover, the majority of the youth movement is occupied by the mobilisation of political parties at the national level, wherein in many instances, they do not have the power to influence the decision-making processes.
Sharfi persuaded everybody to continue working in youthful spirit and to contribute into the youth movement which has been initiated by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa Monarch of the Kingdom of Bahrain when His Majesty launched the reformation project, emphasizing at the same time the achievements made in all areas and concluding by saying that the Executive Office will continue to follow up numerous topics of concern to youth which will be announced shortly.
The turned-down parties' tickets are: Two tickets from the Social Democratic Movement (MDS), One from the Citizenship Movement, One from the Democratic Movement for Reform and Construction, One from the Freedom and Development party and One from the Tunisian Youth Movement.
student-based youth movement, and growing to encompass various civil
St John Wales has a vibrant and growing youth movement with 60% of its 4,900 volunteers under the age of 18.
Amman, Mar 26 (Petra) -- Trade unionists and political party members on Saturday decided to join an open protest by the March 24 Youth Movement a day after security forces broke up a sit-in by hundreds of youths at Amman's Jamal Abdul Nasser Square.
He equated the demand of said youth movement to that of Imam Moussa Sadr, who also wanted to end sectarianism.
Whatever the case, I only see poor judgment on the part of Hamas, be it in the way that they have used force against the youth movement or how they dealt with President Abbas's initiative to meet with them in Gaza to form a unity government; Hamas didn't even give an official response to the President's request to a visit to Gaza.
There has been a great deal of discussion on the Palestinian youth movement after the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and other Arab countries.
The youth movement is also discussing whether to take further steps, such as boycotting state-owned companies.
One leading group with more than 100,000 members on Facebook is the 6 April Youth Movement.
The eight suspects, all Muslims from the April 6th Youth Movement, were
Her 2006 book, Righteous: Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement, found its genesis when, producing a series for All Things Considered on youth and religion in the United States, Sandier happened upon a nascent Christian youth movement stirring in group houses and church basements.
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