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political or religious or social reform movement or agitation consisting chiefly of young people

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BEIRUT: A 7-year-old child drowned while playing in a pool Monday in the town of Brital, reportedly during a scouting trip with the Hezbollah-affiliated Imam al-Mahdi youth movement.
HM the King's interest in Bahraini youngsters have brought about a quantum leap in the Bahrain youth movement, he said, citing the increased decent job opportunities for youth, the improved educational and health services, and the royal keen interest to pave the way for them to express their opinions within a democratic atmosphere, take part in the decision-making process through joining civil society organisations and vote in the elections.
This comes as the movement continues to come under fire by pro-government figures who often associate the civil youth movement with the Muslim Brotherhood organisation.
Funds were intended for the development of youth movement in East Kazakhstan, Almaty regions, and the cities of Almaty, Aktobe, Atyrau, Shymkent and Shymkent.
Khairullah Shinwari, another member of the youth movement, called convening the Loya Jirga to decide on the deal as against the Constitution.
David Douglass, from Truth About Youth, said: "We consider the Non-Violent Youth Movement of Liberia - as our 'adopted' charity, having established a link with them more than five years ago.
The Patriotic Democratic Youth Movement (YDGH) was renamed the Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement two months ago, intelligence reports said.
COMMUNITY SPIRIT The Co-operative Youth Movement, 1954.
It should also be recognised that currently, the youth movement is mostly populated by upper-middle class, educated, English-speaking youth, raising issues of representation.
I got a message from February 14 Youth Movement calling for an attack on police officers and to occupy Salhiya intersection, so I participated in it," a 21-year-old suspect told prosecutors during questioning.
org/en/library/info/AFR54/028/2012/en July 3 2012 An activist from Sudan's youth movement Girifna, Rashida Shams al-Din, was arrested in the early morning of 24 June by security forces.
The support of Syrian youth movement to the Sudanese youth movement is growing and I am sensing the increase in solidarity between the two countries against corruption, dictatorship and persecution.
THE 90th birthday of Wales' Urdd youth movement has seen it lauded for its "priceless" contribution to the Welsh language.
student-based youth movement, and growing to encompass various civil
St John Wales has a vibrant and growing youth movement with 60% of its 4,900 volunteers under the age of 18.
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