youth culture

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young adults (a generational unit) considered as a cultural class or subculture

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Photos featured in REVEALED: Youth culture, pop culture, subculture - The Photographs of Francesco Mellina 1977-1982
We're thrilled to partner with the California Fashion Association to celebrate this thriving apparel community and share a snapshot of our insights into the latest Youth Culture trends.
In this provocative new book, Luis Alvarez builds upon this earlier scholarship and dramatically complicates it by shifting the focus from the riots to the soot suiters themselves, and the vibrant youth culture they proudly embraced.
Perhaps identification with youth cultures based on music could play a role in this by allowing students to feel part of something.
Tylenol also recently awarded health insurance coverage to selected icons of youth culture.
In addition to their ideological and practical objections, my interviews with youths reveal another reason: Youth culture, from peers to the media, increasingly accepts same-sex sexuality and minimizes it as the basis for a personal identity.
It is recommended reading for anyone with an interest in gangs, youth culture, urban street life, and juvenile delinquency.
Collaboratively compiled and deftly co-edited by Malcom Maclachlan and Caroline Smythe, Binge Drinking & Youth Culture: Alternative Perspectives is a scholarly discussion of binge drinking and its connection to serious social problems such as suicide, especially with regard to the youth culture in Ireland and the UK.
Hip-hop's multicultural history as the dominant urban youth culture since the 1980s--from Caribbean tastemakers and white graffiti pioneers to Latino breakers--was ignored.
This was in the early '60s, when youth culture as we know it achieved critical mass.
The version of black youth culture that most people consume certainly contains a lot that is distasteful.
At Walker Technology College teachers are taking positive steps to combat negative youth culture.
On one hand, this imagery seems to have defined, and heightened, the youth culture of the early republic, but on the other hand, this material was enjoyed and collected by both young and old--it was not limited to the singles set by age and interest.
It is stimulating to hear that the entities now shaping the youth culture across Asia are taking the lead in helping this economy recover.
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