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used of the younger of two persons of the same name especially used to distinguish a son from his father


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At the turn of the century, long before the idea of older men dating younger women, or vice versa, became more acceptable to general society, AgeMatch saw a clear demand in this sector of the dating market.
Seniors were more likely to have diabetes, coronary artery disease, and inferior renal function than were their younger peers, though not significantly so.
Kate Moss, 38, and Carol Vorderman, 51, were shown to have the most age-reducing regimes, with both looking nine years younger after applying make-up.
A MetLife survey finds younger employees appreciate robust benefit offerings more than their boomer counterparts, even if it means paying all the cost for those voluntary benefits themselves.
2) But some evidence suggests younger IDUs may have behaviors that put them at higher risk of HIV infection than older IDUs.
The findings were notable because older patients, defined as those over age 55, were more likely than their younger counterparts to have stage IV disease (56.
com put the trend down to a combination of 40-something women looking and feeling younger than ever and young men appreciating the experience of an older partner.
The context of the present study is, therefore, age differences between managers and workers and the consequential role of HRM where younger managers are required to direct older workers.
The biggest differences were about express lines, and the feel of raw meat and poultry which turns off younger shoppers.
looks to younger customers as a way of anticipating technological change and convergence.
People in their forties feel an average of six years eight months younger - but those in their fifties feel up to 12 years four months younger.
The specific workers studied were those younger workers who entered the Italian labor market in the 1990s.
Of the 7,511 women in the UK who participated in the study, 41% contacted men at least 5 years younger and 11% messaged men at least 10 years younger.
There's a lot of younger composers who I like, like Danny Elfman and Thomas Newman.
It was also moving and the first time a younger person has recognized both the gift and responsibility we "older" gay men have.