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Synonyms for yolk

the yellow spherical part of an egg that is surrounded by the albumen

nutritive material of an ovum stored for the nutrition of an embryo (especially the yellow mass of a bird or reptile egg)


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During a sustained period of high growth we had identified a need for further senior hires to strengthen our board, and in this new role Jade will bring a fresh perspective to our brand, allowing us to continue to position our business as a market-leading recruitment business " Ms Tambini s T aid: "Having known Yolk for years, I've watched the business build its reputation solidly around people and relationships, the two most important factors of the sector.
Yolk was established in 2009 by founding directors Dale Williams and Duncan Powell and this year won the Sustainable Growth Award at the Wales Fast Growth 50, recognising its appearance on the list for the third year in a row.
Fresh Herb Deviled Eggs: After stirring in the mustard and vinegar to the yolk mixture, add in 2 teaspoons each of freshly chopped chives, Italian parsley and dill.
yolk height (mm)/yolk diameter (mm) x 100 Yolk ratio = yolk weight (g)/egg weight (g) x 100
Never seen a triple yolk but, in the early 1980s, I bought a dozen eggs from my milkman one Easter and every one was a double yolker.
However, a spokesman for the British Egg Information Service said: 'The double yolks tend to come from younger chickens whose hormone systems are not fully developed yet.
The objectives of this study were to analyze yolk mass variation within clutches of Whiteramped Swallows (Tachycineta leucorrhoa), to determine potential factors related to this variation, and to establish if yolk mass can be directly inferred from egg mass.
It is a form of art using paints made of pigment-coloured powder mixed with egg yolk and a pinch of water.
This would enable Salmonella to grow quickly in the nutrient-rich interior of the yolk.
The team at the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) said the groundbreaking technique, which involved taking yolks out of chicken eggs and mixing them in the egg whites of turkeys, guineafowl, duck and other chickens, could help save endangered species.
Ian Hearn, Troedyraur, West Wales THIS phenomenon , when a mother chicken accidentally ends up with two yolks inside of her egg instead of one, occurs once in every 1,000 eggs.
Egg yolk contains cholesterol and having too much of it increases the risk of atherosclerosis, also known as coronary artery disease.
Spence added the effect of egg yolk consumption over time on increasing the amount of plaque in the arteries was independent of sex, cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking, body mass index and diabetes.
Ultrasound was used to establish a measurement of total plaque area and questionnaires were filled out regarding their lifestyle and medications including pack-years of smoking (number of packs per day of cigarettes times the number of years), and the number of egg yolks consumed per week times the number of years consumed (egg yolk-years).
Fold Christmas pudding gently into egg yolk mixture, then fold in your whipped cream.