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a custard-like food made from curdled milk

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The change in all the sensory attributes of each of the yoghurts with storage time was significant (P < 0.
02) in scores of the yoghurts throughout the storage period.
Danone senior brand manager Virginie Guise says the company is looking to position its new Activia yoghurts as an "indulgent, healthy after-dinner treat", hoping to set them apart from rival offerings.
Savvy customers are aware that Greek yoghurt is a completely different product from Greek-style yoghurts, which are generally not strained, as is traditional with Greek yoghurts, but thickened in other ways.
SAINT: Muller Light Strawberry Yoghurt, 54 cals per 100g.
SAINT: Yeo Valley Natural Organic Yoghurt, 81 cals per 100g.
Adult favourites, Muller, launched their organic yoghurts earlier this summer.
Firms are realising there is a strong demand for children's organic yoghurts too.
includes developments in the understanding of the biochemical changes involved in yoghurt production
Previous editions of Yoghurt: Science and Technology established the text as an essential reference underpinning the production of yoghurt of consistently high quality.
The new range, called Yoo, will comprise 21 products in three formats - lowfat four-packs, fat-free yoghurts and split pots.
The yoghurts would be made using 100% British milk, with packs "proudly" displaying the Union Jack, the supermarket said.
Woodstock Water Buffalo Black Currant and Strawberry omega-3 yoghurts
Little Melton yoghurts are based on an Australian family recipe but will be produced in the UK, using British milk.
com) has announced the addition of Yoghurt and Chilled Dairy Desserts 2004 - Market Trends and Innovations to their offering.