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a custard-like food made from curdled milk

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Keys words: Flavoured yoghurt, pawpaw puree, physicochemical properties, storage, sensory properties
It includes own-brand yoghurts from all of the retailers, as well as Collective Dairy packs.
The risk of high blood pressure was reduced by a fifth, compared with people who ate just one portion of yoghurt a month.
Domestic company Kalleh Dairy Co maintained its leading position in yoghurt and sour milk drinks in Iran during 2014 with a 29% value share.
Danone's move into Greek yoghurt comes after its rival, Muller, launched Greek-style yoghurts for its Corner brand of split-pot yoghurts last May, and joins Greek yoghurt ranges from the likes of Fage UK's Total, Rachel's, Yeo Valley and Onken.
The substance can be used in several food products, but its use in yoghurt is prohibited.
Greek yoghurt can build stronger bones, enhance immunity, lower blood pressure - and may even have some anticancer and weight-loss effects.
SAINT: Yeo Valley Natural Organic Yoghurt, 81 cals per 100g.
The maker of Total Greek Yoghurt, one of the UK's leading authentic Greek Yoghurt brands, is bringing to the market a new yoghurt guaranteed to keep all health conscious yoghurt lovers happy.
And a refreshing pot of low-fat organic yoghurt makes an ideal healthy snack or summer dessert.
Incredibly tasty, packed with apricot and peach chunks, this smooth, creamy yoghurt has the bonus of being 98 per cent fat free.
LONDON -- Market Publishers Ltd informs that new in-demand Euromonitor International Ltd reports on various countries' yoghurt markets have been added to its catalogue.
The widespread health benefits, specifically in regards to protein, were a big driver of the trend toward Greek yogurt," concurs Koel Thomae, co-founder of Noosa Yoghurt, a Bellvue, Colo.