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a custard-like food made from curdled milk

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Yoghurt is amongst the mostly consumed fermented milk products worldwide and is accepted as a healthy food by most consumers especially in the developed countries [2].
Danone's move into Greek yoghurt comes after its rival, Muller, launched Greek-style yoghurts for its Corner brand of split-pot yoghurts last May, and joins Greek yoghurt ranges from the likes of Fage UK's Total, Rachel's, Yeo Valley and Onken.
SAINT: Yeo Valley Natural Organic Yoghurt, 81 cals per 100g.
As part of this new repackaged product range Total Greek Yoghurt is also launching a new Total Authentic Greek Sbeeps' & Goats' Yoghurt--all the flavour of the Total Authentic Greek Sheeps' Yoghurt but now with added goats milk.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- Mountain High Yoghurt ( http://www.
Live yoghurt helps maintain a healthy digestive system, is an excellent source of calcium and essential vitamins and minerals, and is high in protein.
There have been some fascinating studies recently which seem to show that eating yoghurt may have preventive and therapeutic effects within the body.
The newly published reports provide an elaborate picture of yoghurt markets in various countries.
At present Muller Fruit Corner yoghurt costs 61p in Tesco, while a Danone Activia fat-free strawberry yoghurt costs 6sp [BrandView.
Previous editions of Yoghurt: Science and Technology established the text as an essential reference underpinning the production of yoghurt of consistently high quality.
The yoghurts are made with full-fat milk, have a thick, Greek-style yoghurt texture and come with two layers of fruit.
Conrad set up his own company to import and distribute Total Greek Yoghurt in 1984 after sampling the yogurt on the island of Skiathos.
Sector coverage: milk, soy milk, fermented dairy drinks, coffee whiteners, cream, yoghurt, chilled snacks and desserts, fromage frais and quark.
Although a number of functional foods have been withdrawn from the market recently, many products -- such as Yakult and Actimel yoghurt drinks, Benecol and Flora pro.