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Synonyms for yodel

a songlike cry in which the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal voice and falsetto

sing by changing register

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One commented: "There's nothing quite as bad as a yodeller, unless, perhaps, two yodellers.
Charva fashions should be recognised by Europe as a local dress, similar to Swiss Alpine horn yodellers and German knee-slappers.
A PARTY without ice is like a mountain without yodellers.
Anchored off Liverpoool she offered restaurants, dances, shooting galleries and entertainments ranging from Swiss yodellers to Big Boot Dancers.
YODELLERS Meg Boot Kate Lynch Lorne Rubenstein Michael Healey KRESKINNED Joyce Kate Lynch Dennis Michael Healey
B*WITCHED: Awake And Breathe (Epic) - The Irish yodellers are back with a mature follow-up to their debut album.
If Don Fabio won't pick strikers against a confidence-riddled bunch of yodellers in a qualifier, he won't take them to the finals.
They may be big in Switzerland but so are yodellers, and nobody wants to watch them fight.
The lights dim, the curtain opens--and there against a picturesque Alpine backdrop, next to the eponymous 'little Alpine hut' (complete with checked curtains and a primrose-filled window box) stand the yodellers, some 25 of them, mostly men from their late teens to their 70s.
It was then on for a meal in a traditional restaurant, complete with tasty cheese fondue and impressive entertainment from some yodellers.