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yobbo = mob boy (gang member, as in the title Yobbo and Pals)
I think that the book Yobbos Do Yoga is a fantastic book because it really makes me laugh.
The public perception, when they learn of an anti-social behaviour order being imposed by a court on an individual, is of a young yobbo creating havoc on a local housing estate.
We must start fining these idiot weekend yobbo binge drinkers 4 their cost 2 the UK NHS then spend the money on people that really need help," he stated.
I READ Citizen Kane's outburst last week and I am flabbergasted one of our MSPs was behaving like a hippy yobbo.
Kingsman: The Secret Service Thurs 9pm Film4 A comedy spy thriller, with Colin Firth as a suave agent wh o recruits a promising yobbo (Taron Egerton) into the secret service.
To the parents, relatives and friends of this yobbo - because he won't read this letter - stop him before he succeeds in his aim and kills somebody.
The unacceptable hooliganism and yobbo culture, which is spreading through our Valleys, is causing great concern to everyone concerned particularly the elderly, the young and those parents with young children.
Suddenly, by 'accident', the perfectly pink Mr John turns into a foul-mouthed yobbo hard-man and gets in all the papers, just as his album is coming out.
Kingsman: The Secret Service Sun C4 9pm Colin Firth is a suave agent who recruits a promising yobbo (Taron Egerton) into the secret service.
Mere days after being beaten by a gang of thugs, poor Andy once again finds himself threatened by another yobbo, Cain.
It's the fault of all those other people who should have told him not to do it (you can just imagine what would happen to the person who tried to tell Yobbo Boy how to spend his money).
Unfortunately the 'Phonics do have a small yobbo following, who only want to hear Tramps Vest and Local Boy, but the real fans were there to appreciate the music and effects, which were brilliant.
The old moral and psychological restraints were cast aside and the football yobbo appeared.
Thomas Turgoose plays an impressionable young lad who falls in with a group of skinheads, led by a racist yobbo.