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a toy consisting of a spool that is reeled up and down on a string by motions of the hand

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Ten pupils attempted to work out how to play with toys such as yo-yos and jacks which have been absent from playgrounds for decades.
In each yo-yo contest there are five categories - single hand, double hand with one yo-yo, double with two yo-yos, offstring and counterweight.
Che ling performances are a regular part of New Year celebrations, and the Portland group demonstrated by tossing their bells in the air and catching them with the string, passing the spinning yo-yos back and forth, under their legs and around their backs so smoothly it made it look easy.
We ordered ice cream and put the yo-yos and sunglasses on the counter.
CUTLINE: (1) Jeff Coons of Millbury shows off his collection of yo-yos.
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FCU's fundraising efforts included selling candy bars, piggy banks, placards, stuffed kangaroos and yo-yos at its branch teller lines.
and nappies FLAT-SCREEN televisions, tablet computers, yo-yos and thousands of pounds worth of cash were given away by councils as competition prizes last year.
Both fighters were up and down like yo-yos until Naz eventually stopped him.
In contrast, Stuart Baggs sold yo-yos in the playground.
uk More than 500 million Duncan Yo-Yos have been sold worldwide and this season's range of a dozen different styles, aimed at different abilities, should see them appearing in play spaces up and down the UK.
Yo-yos can be relaxing--just hypnotically throw them down and catch them again, develop a nice rhythm and accomplish a simple goal--but with the addition of a couple basic tricks, it's game on.
London, January 28 (ANI): An Australian has managed to set a new record after spinning 16 yo-yos at the same time.
The 'lesson' blocks can be used in a sampler quilt and teach how to learn pin tucks, beading, yo-yos and more.
I used to love playing with yo-yos and diablos until my school banned them.