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a toy consisting of a spool that is reeled up and down on a string by motions of the hand

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Shrewsbury have yo-yoed between the third and fourth tiers in recent seasons and face another battle for survival with just two points separating them from the drop zone.
The obvious absentees from the leading pack are Chelsea, who have made their worst start to a season since the 1970s when they yo-yoed between the top two divisions and are currently languishing in 15th place with 14 points.
You would think with all that money sloshing around it would be pretty dif-ficult for teams not to come straight back up, yet QPR and West Ham United are the only clubs to have yo-yoed since Newcastle, and the Rs had to break the league's Financial Fair Play rules to do so.
The 37-year-old has yo-yoed between size 8 and 20 in a public struggle with bulimia and anorexia since the group split in 2001.
Linense have yo-yoed between Segunda Division B and the league below, Tercera, but have established themselves over the last three years at the higher of those two levels.
Sawalha's admitted that her weight's yo-yoed over the years, and things reached a head when she was trying to cope with the heartache of three miscarriages, going back to work so soon after Maddy was born and finding her frantic schedule overwhelming.
Over the past decade, Lebanon's rank has yo-yoed from the rise and fall of attacks on journalists.
Ankara's policy has gone all over the place during the past two years as Turkey's leadership has yo-yoed from one position to another, struggling to deal with the failure of its original objectives.
They have been in the Premier League before having yo-yoed a little bit but they look a very well run, well-managed football club.
Nicolas Courant, creative director of Memac Ogilvy Label, who yo-yoed back and forth to the stage all night, was almost overwhelmed by an awards haul that included 12 golds, two silvers and four bronzes.
A quarter revealed that their weight had yo-yoed so much that they had been four different sizes across their lifetime - while one in 12 confessed that they still had all four different sizes hanging unworn in their closets.
But Muller's bid for Robert Wiseman had a muted impact on Dairy Crest's share price, which gently yo-yoed from last Friday when news of talks surfaced, ending up slightly higher at 321 as The Grocer went to press.
It was mentioned in the report that moped sales, the first indicator of rural disposable income have yo-yoed all year going up and down month-on-month from 53,268 units in January up to 61,403 in February, 64,484 in March then crashing to 59,536 in April, jumping back to 68,104 in May, down again to 64,493 in June, up to 67,169 in July, slipping back to 60,205 in August, back up to 68,963 in September and then skidding to 56,909 in October.
Shares in Societe Generale, whose shares dropped 15 percent, yo-yoed for most of the day, carrying other big French names in their wake this time.
In the decades since, lake levels have yo-yoed, with a prolonged trough during the 1950s, which still counts as the worst drought in Texas history.