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nervous tension that causes an athlete to fail (especially causes golfers to miss short putts)

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Greater awareness of yips as a possible organic, treatable neurologic condition is needed in order to stimulate more research on this topic.
Awards were presented during the YIP luncheon Monday, June 10th were to another dear friend of mine and many others: Michael Plafker of Member Brokerage Service in Briarwood, N.
The Mayo Clinic recommends that people with the yips first try changing the way they execute the task that is being affected.
That's how catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia described the yips to ESPN in 2010.
In addition to its new location at 499 Seventh Avenue, Yips Pow Wok has restaurants at 1212 Avenue of the Americas and 1290 Avenue of the Americas.
If you look at what the YIPs are doing, they have a good record and I am very pleased and proud of what they have achieved.
Before YIPs were set up, crime reduction work for young people was carried out by a network of Youth Works Plus organisations.
In the study, 25 golfers who complained of the yips were compared with 25 who did not.
I have only told this story twice in the past 18 years: once when I was inaugurated into my first term as President of The YIPs (it was in 1998) and had to give a speech to a few hundred PIA members at the annual convention in Saratoga, NY; and the second time was in a brief acceptance speech last June in Atlantic City, NJ, when I was awarded the "Insurance Professional of The Year" award, again at the PIA of New York and New Jersey annual (this time jointly held by the two states) convention.
The moment Wyrley Birch YIP project manager Sally Neath realised how important the scheme was to local youngsters was when one girl told her it was a place where local youths could go and relieve the frustrations brought on by family life.
The wireless cyberglove proved the yips were mostly due to muscle cramping - which Botox might stop.
Jean Yip Group's ambassador, Cheryl Wee has two Christmas Wishes- for a fruitful year ahead and to spend more quality time with her family over delicious meals.
AFTER arriving in Britain, Wing Yip started out washing up in Hull and quickly went on to open four restaurants and two takeaways in East Anglia.
The boom years were just beginning for theatrical music, and like his youthful contemporaries Ira Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, Larry Hart, and Harold Arlen, Yip believed the lyrics could be better.
Wing Yip, which has its HQ and a superstore in Nechells, decided to make the donation to mark the New Year on February 19 and the start of the Year of the Sheep.