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the bright positive masculine principle in Chinese dualistic cosmology

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Ritchie Bent of Jardine Matheson puts the yin and yang of nurturing talent into practice as he describes the history of leadership development initiatives across his firm.
The series The Yin and Yang of Starting a Business breaks apart the soft and hard skills needed for an entrepreneur to be successful and available on Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords.
Figure 1 shows the relationship between yin and yang and how both are part of the other.
Klait describes yin and yang as "the opposite sides of a coin," with yin being the low, darker energy side and yang as the high, frenetic and light energy force.
This article focuses on how yin and yang interplay to generate chi and impact on communication.
I am always upping my training all the time and there are amazing teachers, like Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley - who are so inspirational and have played a huge part for me," she says "My yoga is a blend of yin and yang.
In memory of the actor, his family gave the City of Melville, in Perth's southern suburbs, a polished concrete and marble sculpture, comprising two chess boards and a yin and yang symbol.
things contain Yin and Yang, and through this blending of Qi (vital
One thing to understand about Cantonese fare is its underlying concept of yin and yang.
Cabanas is everything Blanco is not -- quick, direct, explosive -- and yin and yang of their partnership caused havoc for Flamengo in the second half.
The idea of yin and yang has become a part of popular American culture and the symbol of the endless flow between these two energies is well known.
Acupuncture unblocks the flow of QI which balances Yin and Yang and allows the body to begin to heal itself.
THE principle behind the Chinese medicine acupuncture is that energy is divided into yin and yang," says Lee Butler, of the British Acupuncture Council.
Chinese medicine is closely linked to Daoist philosophy, which holds that the universe exists because of two great opposing yet interdependent creative forces, known as yin and yang.
Call them the Odd Couple of real rstate, the yin and yang of lending.