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an academy for the advanced study of Jewish texts (primarily the Talmud)


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This is part of a journey that began when Yeshiva University founded Einstein 60 years ago," said Richard Joel, president, Yeshiva University.
Another Yeshiva administrator described that same young man as one who had "gained a reputation as a scholar in both the Talmud and secular fields as well as a gifted speaker.
6 million was awarded to Beth Medrash Govoha, an ultra-orthodox yeshiva, for construction of a new library and academic space.
of Portsmouth UK) contributes much-needed data on the experience of contemporary yeshiva students, and the institution?
Coming home from work, I was pleasantly surprised to find an article about my Alma mater, Yeshiva Torah Vodaath, written by another alumnus, Philip Fishman, in the Spring 2011 Midstream.
Deeply religious with no more than four years of secular education, Amital developed the concept of the hesder yeshiva: a yeshiva where students both learn Torah and train for die army, serving in religious units where they can do both.
lt;p>He said "the White House condemned the torching of a mosque, yet respectable Americans contribute to a yeshiva whose rabbi said it's okay to kill gentile babies.
Levine knew going into the season that there would be an issue with Liberty League-rival Yeshiva High of Los Angeles (YULA).
The institution likely hit the hardest, both professionally and personally, is Yeshiva University (N.
Meanwhile, Yeshiva University estimated its initial investment with Madoff was $14.
Washington, Nov 20 (ANI): Attending religious services can reduce mortality risk by approximately 20 percent, a new study from Yeshiva University has revealed.
Holy books drenched in blood littered the floor of the Mercaz Harav yeshiva after the shooting, the deadliest incident in Israel since a suicide bomber killed 11 people in Tel Aviv on April 17 2006.
Two exceptional publications from the Yeshiva University Press in New York are top picks for collections strong in Judaic studies; particularly at the college level.
While serving in the army, the Yeshiva students are nominally under the army chain of command but in practice are also subject to their rabbis, whose position is reminiscent of the political commissars of the Red Army.
After a 6-hour debate, the Knesset passes a bill, 51 to 41 votes with 5 abstentions, that exempts more than 30,000 of rigorously Orthodox yeshiva students from compulsory military service.