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Synonyms for yen

Synonyms for yen

a strong wanting of what promises enjoyment or pleasure

Synonyms for yen

a yearning for something or to do something

the basic unit of money in Japan

have a desire for something or someone who is not present

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The 15 trillion yen flowing overseas is just 1 percent of the total.
Meanwhile, stocks related to the planned issuance of 2,000 yen bills moved down, due mainly to profit-taking following their gains the previous day.
The yen depreciated beyond the [yen] 136 level after the Birmingham Group of Eight summit meeting in mid-May.
Short-term interest rates in Japan are now ridiculously low, as part of the Bank of Japan's effort to hold down the value of the yen.
To protect its downside, Shimoto can purchase a yen call struck at 100.
dollar appreciated sharply in the first half of the 1980s--or what is the same thing, the Japanese yen depreciated.
It plans to pay a dividend of 45 yen per share for fiscal 2004, up 15 yen from the previous year.
Moreover, the yen has been depreciating against the euro, which has gone a long way in offsetting the profit squeeze from its strength against the dollar.
Strengthening of the Yen against other Major Currencies
77 yen from Thursday's close and also above its late New York trading level of 106.
The forward contract is an agreement with a bank - a derivative - that allows us to sell the bank our future yen flow, for example.
By sector, the functional food segment will rise from 567 billion yen ($4.
A significantly stronger yen hurts the stock market in two ways: It will work to blunt the recovery in corporate profits, and it will exacerbate the deeply entrenched deflation the Japanese government has been trying so hard to eradicate.
Millea will pay a full-year dividend of 10,000 yen per share.
Japan will emerge from its deflationary slump only when the yen is allowed to weaken.