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large flicker of eastern North America with a red neck and yellow undersurface to wings and tail

European bunting the male being bright yellow

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ON THE UP Wild birds like the yellowhammer have seen numbers rise
Research carried out over a 10-year period showed that in areas where 10% to 20% of land was left as stubble over winter, skylark and yellowhammer numbers have been maintained, whereas they have declined in other areas.
BANGER AND SMASH HIT: Peter Davies has been recognised by the RSPB as a farmer who does most to help Britain's wildlife; A Yellowhammer and, above, a Vole; A Dingy Skipper moth
The findings, from the annual Breeding Bird Survey, also show a decline in skylarks and yellowhammers.
That's not just farmland birds like lapwings and yellowhammers, that seem to have come out well, but woodland birds like the lesser-spotted woodpecker or the marsh tit.
A conservation group wants to carry out a "smallscale" cull to see if it helps boost the number of yellowhammers, corn buntings and skylarks.
Besides well-known species like blackbirds and robins, your garden may also play host to more unusual species such as blackcaps, reed buntings, woodpeckers and yellowhammers.
The weather was also responsible for many more sightings of countryside birds like fieldfares, bullfinches and yellowhammers in gardens.
Yellowhammers have also plunged by 34%, house sparrows by 20% and linnets by 14% Winners since 1995 in the region include woodpigeon, up 22%; swallow 32%; carrion crow 11%; blackcap 26%; goldfinch 44%; chaffinch 23%; greenfinch 21%; wren 31%; dunnock 34%; robin 28%; blackbird 35%, blue tit 2% and coal tit 32%.
As they feed mainly on seeds, they used to be common in fields of winter stubble, along with other finches and yellowhammers.
The rare tree sparrow has begun thriving at Lime Pits Farm, in Rushall, Walsall, along with reedbuntings and yellowhammers.
A report by the Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership shows starlings have decreased by 70%, yellowhammers by 50% and skylarks by 33%.
anemone, narcissus, The weather did result in more sightings of other birds like fieldfares, redwings, blackcaps, bullfinches and yellowhammers.
Mr Hodgson said: "Since joining the environmental stewardships scheme, we have seen a noticeable increase in a huge variety of species on the farm, especially in our riverside meadows, including otters, bumblebees, yellowhammers, lapwings and grey partridge.
But the survey taken over the past 14 years found continuing concern about fewer starlings, cuckoos, bullfinches and yellowhammers.