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large flicker of eastern North America with a red neck and yellow undersurface to wings and tail

European bunting the male being bright yellow

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7 million to help protect the yellowhammer and rare Glanville fritillary butterfly - the latter is only found in the UK on the island.
e birds are back and the other day we heard a yellowhammer.
Changes in management of hedges - especially their removal to create bigger fields - may have contributed to reductions in species such as yellowhammer, bullfinch and tree sparrow.
Yellowhammers are among wild birds which are struggling
The tree sparrow population is down by 94% since 1970, corn buntings by 90% and yellowhammers by 54%.
RSPB Cymru says it is possible that initiatives such as the Welsh Government's new agri-environment scheme - Glastir - will have an impact on the fortunes of these birds, enabling declining populations of birds such as yellowhammers, so evocative of the Welsh countryside, to recover.
Hedges are managed on a rotational basis, and new ponds created, allowing yellowhammers to flourish alongside dragonflies and other aquatic insects.
The cull of magpies and crows is being planned by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust to see whether reducing their numbers could boost the populations of smaller birds such as yellowhammers and skylarks.
If they leave their stubble until next year instead of ploughing up the land then they will be providing a valuable winter foraging ground for seed eating birds like tree sparrows, yellowhammers, skylarks and game birds.
I owe running to the fact that I now know where to see yellowhammers (a charming, yellow countryside bird with a song that sounds like "a little bit of bread and no cheese"), and I tend to spot a grey heron along the edge of the local canal as it patiently waits for its prey to reveal itself.
Reed buntings, redpolls, yellowhammers, grey wagtails, redwings and fieldfares are other unusual garden visitors not usually around.
The 52-year-old's tenanted farmalong the Heritage Coast, which he runs with wife Rosamund, is home to voles, owls, choughs, yellowhammers, peregrines, butterflies and an abundance of different types of moth from white-- letter hairstreaks to dingy skippers.
WINTER flocks of Yellowhammers are breaking up as males begin their search for a suitable breeding territory and a mate.
That's not just farmland birds like lapwings and yellowhammers, that seem to have come out well, but woodland birds like the lesser-spotted woodpecker or the marsh tit.
A conservation group wants to carry out a "smallscale" cull to see if it helps boost the number of yellowhammers, corn buntings and skylarks.