yellow sweet clover

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biennial yellow-flowered Eurasian plant having aromatic leaves used as carminative or flavoring agent

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Isolation and identification of the potential allelochemicals in the aqueous extract of yellow sweet clover (Mellitus officinalis).
It is available in alfalfa, chickpeas, red clover, wheat grass, woodruff, and yellow sweet clover, which help decrease cholesterol levels.
Motschulsky (1860) Family Campanulaceae Tall bellflower (Campanula Vaurie (1948); Wildermuth & americana) Gates (1920) Family Fabaceae Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Ellsbury & Baker (1988); Folsom (1909); Lintner (1881); Vaurie (1948); Wildermuth & Gates (1920) White sweet clover (Melilotus alba) Vaurie (1948) Yellow sweet clover (Melilotus Vaurie (1948) officinalis) Bur clover (Melilotus hispida) Vaurie (1948) Crimson clover (Trifolium Baker & Ellsbury (1989); incarnatum) Ellsbury & Baker (1988); Ellsbury (1990); Pemberton et al.
I ordered sorghum-sudan grass, Japanese millet, hairy-vetch, purple turnips, crimson clover, yellow sweet clover, red clover, wheat, annual rye, and alfalfa.
An eye-opener for me was Kappel's use of yellow sweet clover (Melilotus officinalis) as a soil builder and nutrient booster in his raised beds,which are actually rectangular boxes constructed from 2-by-8inch planks.
Two species--white sweet clover (Melilotus alba) and yellow sweet clover (M.