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Synonyms for yeast

a mass of bubbles in or on the surface of a liquid

an agent that stimulates or precipitates a reaction, development, or change

to form or cause to form foam

Synonyms for yeast

a commercial leavening agent containing yeast cells

any of various single-celled fungi that reproduce asexually by budding or division

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To see the difference that yeast could make, I stirred a level teaspoon of dry yeast into one glass.
How you treat the yeast a lot of times determines how the beer will come out--even though it's the same strain of yeast, if you change the temperature, or don't have as much food for it, it changes the beer.
Some cultures, such as the ancient Egyptians, were baking risen breads 6,000 years ago, long before you could take a drive down to the corner store for a packet of yeast or bit of baking soda.
Orian Truss, an Alabama physician, observed that people who were prescribed many courses of antibiotics, birth-control pills, or steroids developed a yeast overgrowth and began to feel "sick all over.
A new yeast ID system produced by the researchers relies on matching samples of genetic material, or DNA.
is pleased to release the results of an in-house, laboratory-scale trial of the efficacy of its non-GMO acrylamide-reducing (AR) baker's yeast for applications in the global bread and baked goods market.
com)-- This market research report package offers a perspective on the actual market situation, trends and future outlook for yeast in the top 10 global countries.
Yeast Flocculation, Vitality, and Viability is title of a new book published by the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, dedicated to examining the use of dried yeast in the brewing process.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Collaborations between Johns Hopkins and National Taiwan University researchers have successfully manipulated the life span of common, single-celled yeast organisms by figuring out how to remove and restore protein functions related to yeast aging.
Cheaters may not only prosper, but they can also make life better for everyone else, a study of cooperation in yeast reveals.
The records were reviewed of 25 patients (mean age, 62 years) who were treated with red yeast rice because of intolerance to statins (e.
Washington, Sept 9 (ANI): Times can be stressful for yeast when grape juice is being turned into wine.
The National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) has assembled one of the largest and most comprehensive yeast collections in the world.
19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The global yeast extract and beta glucans market has grown steadily over the past few years.
com/research/fz5pnw/global_feed_yeast) has announced the addition of the "Global Feed Yeast Market-By Type, Animal Type and Geography-Trends and Forecasts (2015 -2020)" report to their offering.