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  • verb

Synonyms for yearn



Synonyms for yearn

to have a strong longing for

to experience or express compassion

Synonyms for yearn

desire strongly or persistently

have a desire for something or someone who is not present

have affection for

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The 25 percent of us that are a yearner - arms stretched out in front - are either chasing a dream or being chased.
He concluded that those who sleep in the foetal, log and yearner positions should look for a strong pillow to support their neck area.
Pintar alludes to this group in "Eros/Thanatos" as "three sisters, three yearners.
Their second album features angry, death-defying rifftastic epics (Tyrant) and blitzed-out psychedelic yearners (Stay Free), while Queens Will Play moves into dark ghostly territory.
Arrayed against them are the Maginot minds, the yearners for Yesterday, the men who oppose any innovation that may lesson their prestige" (Huie 1949a, 129-30).
The former story charted new territory too, in its consideration of gay characters as integral figures in Wilcox's constellation of seekers and yearners.
The first six books were about yearners who never make it out of Ohio.