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Synonyms for yearner

a person with a strong desire for something

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Yearners are their own worst critics says Mr Phipps, always expecting great results.
the Yearner These are the people who sleep on their side, with both arms stretched outwards in front of them.
5) In Sefer ha-ikarim Rabbi Yosef Albo already linked kosef with the senses: "And in this you will find that man is a yearner (kosef) for the senses of sight and hearing, the senses of smell and taste, because nature made our desire for these senses stronger, in that they relate more to the things of the mind that we attain through them" (Third essay, Chapter 2).
While Bob Ferris, the Likely Lad yearner for respectability, is now - well, what exactly?
YEARNER (like a log, but with arras near the head): suspicious and cynical.
The yearner position - on your side with both arms out in front - shows an open nature but, says the report, with a sus-picious and cynical streak.
Angelic nurse of-clamor, yearner, tinkler, dominator-- O Elephant, you were for me