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operating or continuing throughout the year



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Vancouver-Sacramento : Daily : May 17, 2018 : Year-round : Air Canada Express 76 seat CRJ-705/900
In 2015, the median earnings of women who worked full time, year-round ($40,742) was 80 percent of that for men working full time, year-round ($51,212)--not statistically different from the 2014 ratio.
More than 2 million students in 3,000 schools in 46 states attended school year-round in 2006-2007, the latest data available, according to Charles Ballinger, executive director emeritus of the National Association for Year-Round Education (NAYRE), an advocacy group.
Duffy said Senate Bill 658 is a good bill that allows funding for year- round schools to continue even as new seats are built to lessen the need for year-round schools.
This is a "how-to guide" on becoming a full-time, year-round camp professional.
From year-round supplies and extensive consumer research to visually appealing materials, the company is creating brand awareness and excited consumers, leaving no doubt that the future is sweet for Dulcinea Farms.
Some species reproduce year-round, but most show what Morton calls a surprising degree of seasonality.
Many people, however, do not exercise year-round so their equipment simply gathers dust.
Year-round schools are the answer to stimulating student learning, suggests Lawrence Smith, chair of the Elementary Education Department, Ball State University, Muncie, Ind.
Doing so can take advantage of an untapped market for year-round fan sales, according to vendors and retailers.
We began this study after hearing many anecdotal comments about exhaustion and burn-out among year-round multi-track administrators.
Remediation is more immediate in year-round schools than in traditionally scheduled schools.
On the other hand, Brekke (1984) and Ballinger (1987) indicate that schools operating on a year-round schedule have been able to reduce the incidence of vandalism and burglary.
Year-round 3 cabins 6 rooms 12 guests N fly-in PRICE RANGE: $400 per night 50% less for kids under 12 SEASON OPEN: Year-round FISH SPECIES CAUGHT: All salmon, rainbow, dollies, halibut
and Virginia area military families today and pulled out all the stops for an over the-top, special red, white and blue salute to their heroic efforts as Virginia's Year-Round Family Resort([TM]) celebrated the launch of their Howlin' Tornado([TM]) extreme tubing ride - all part of a $20+ million expansion project.