annual ring

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an annual formation of wood in plants as they grow


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For more information or to get put on the mailing list next year ring 01924 305911 or contact Wakefield Tourist Board.
As we welcome the New Year of 2003 Kind thoughts linger for you and me The season of good will must not elapse Now the Christmas spirit is in the past Don't rest you merry gentlemen, keep up the fight Press on regardless with all your might For someone, somewhere is sitting alone Huddled in a chair in a cold, damp home Yet we all know of the old folks plight Society has provided them with the bare essentials of life Some old folk often reduced to tears Not being able to manage in their twilight years It's now the time for friends to rally round While the bells of New Year ring in the New Year sound.
Mouly received a check for $10,000, a trophy for the store, his name on a trophy at the company's world headquarters, a Manager of the Year ring, and a year's supply of Coca-Cola.
That's what coach Leo Austria is trying to figure out as he hopes that there won't be any more letups for the Beermen once the new year rings.
As the New Year rings in, Matthew's family have been told of the discovery in the murky waters.
New year rings in with a new haircut for Miley Cyrus.
Just before the New Year rings in, I'm reflecting on how proud I am of our industry.
HOLLYOAKS Mon-Fri C4 The New Year rings in changes for the Chester crew - few of them good.