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Synonyms for yawp

to utter a shrill, short cry

to speak or say very loudly or with a shout

a shrill, short cry

Synonyms for yawp

make a raucous noise


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The Shape of Wilderness is a strange and somewhat exhaustively panoramic novel whose prose has a Whitmanesque yawp to it, a nineteenth-century "Can Do
Patricia Waugh's Postmodernism: A Reader ranges from Leslie Fiedler's barbaric yawp of 1972 impudently flaunting a tenured professor's preference for comics to literature and Pop Art to Art, to Kermode's mandarin musings on fictions, from Ihab Hassan's delight in yogic physics to Fredric Jameson's tribute to Maoist theory in which he conveniently repudiates its practice as conditioned by ~state power'.
He was ready to accept such terms as skedaddle, shebang, yap, out with the bhoys, souse, yawp in his prose and at times in his verse, and he did not mind manipulating standard words in his verse (civilizee, imperturbe, philosoph).
The creator of a revolutionary form of poetry and the uniquely representative American persona of the "barbaric yawp," Whitman was justified in singing, in "Song of Myself," "I am an acme of things accomplished, and I an encloser of things to be.
In the search for her own way of saying, she had discovered the New World of Whitman and the Transcendentalists, acquiring a barbaric yawp of her own and a perspective of colonialism not as regional but as an international and historical development of democracy'.
Sounding his " barbaric yawp, " Whitman departs, dissolving into the universe.
song, chant, or yawp, Whitman is also a lettristic poet savoring a
With her barbaric yawp still echoing through the grandstands, Perkovic's final throw of 227-5 set a Hayward Field record in the women's discus on Friday night in the 40th Prefontaine Classic.
If__ utters one Hittite yawp, the minions note it immediately in a number of places.
Saturday after Saturday, holiday after holiday, even on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the aspirations and regrets of an entire congregation were borne up to heaven on the wings of his maddeningly enthusiastic and utterly tone-deaf yawp.
A century after Walt Whitman first published the book that broke open the ears of American poetry with what he called a "barbaric yawp," the New York School poets, like the abstract expressionist painters who were their friends, scraped ideas about art-making down until they could work on unprimed canvas.
Part aesthetic program and part social thesis, his barbaric yawp inflects his poems' intonations even when the poems are at their quietest.
in Cowley 193), to sing America in a voice that by comparison makes Whitman's barbaric yawp sound like a whimper, that he then migrated beyond the scope of American earth to stake a claim to the universe, even if all he finally encompassed was only a good part of the Western world.
Santelli's yawp came precisely, perhaps suspiciously, at the same time that Beltway institutions were encouraging their activists to start protesting.
They preferred to write with small words than with overblown ones, to reason rather than to orate, to show the cosmos "in a tea bag" rather than, like Walt Whitman, yawp about it from the rooftops.