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a skullcap worn by religious Jews (especially at prayer)

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In his black suit and tie and yarmulka, he seems to have come not simply from the distant earth, but the distant past, and he speaks English with an accent that is not only Russian, but Jewish.
She says if I start wearing a yarmulka, she'll completely cut me off.
The French public in general, however, was convinced that state limitations on the display of ostentatious religious symbols exempted the wearing of a Catholic crucifix or a Jewish yarmulka (skull cap).
Baraka describes the ludicrous sight of those who "stood and listened to ag [Allen Ginsberg] be them in a yarmulka, and put on the mammy jammin yarmulka and imitated him being them" (322).
En Estados Unidos han aparecido propuestas de judios ortodoxos para que les permitan usar el yarmulka durante el servicio militar y en las escuelas de Francia de ninas musulmanas que han luchado para que nos las obliguen a usar los uniformes escolares, de forma tal que puedan vestir el chador.
In one, Olivier's Shylock looks like a merchant banker (despite sharpened teeth and lower-class accent), whereas in the other Warren Mitchell plays a stereotypical "sheenie," complete with Yiddish accent, stubbly beard, yarmulka, and comically exaggerated head and hand movements.
I say that as long as there is a single jewish child or adult who needs to be reached, it is immoral, I insist on the word, yes, immoral to expend jewish resources trying to convince a gentile to put on a Yarmulka.
Sam is a relatively strict Jew, although he doesn't usually wear a yarmulka or follow other orthodox rules.
Tell Mr Levy that he needs to be careful in the current economic climate and he will throw his yarmulka at you.
Jews, by contrast, don their yarmulka in the synagogue, perhaps believing that He derives little pleasure from looking down on rows of naked heads.