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Synonyms for yarmulka

a skullcap worn by religious Jews (especially at prayer)

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Furthermore, Orthodox Hebrew men must pray daily in a group of at least ten wearing yarmulka, tallis, and tefillin, and one of their daily required prayers gives thanks to God for "not making me a woman"
See, he's got a yarmulka and the little pigtails and everything.
Forster's observation that while it may not be much, it may keep a splintered world functioning) to allow the headscarf (kirpan, yarmulka, cross, turban; choose your own religious object) in the secular space of the state educational institution.
The French public in general, however, was convinced that state limitations on the display of ostentatious religious symbols exempted the wearing of a Catholic crucifix or a Jewish yarmulka (skull cap).
Baraka describes the ludicrous sight of those who "stood and listened to ag [Allen Ginsberg] be them in a yarmulka, and put on the mammy jammin yarmulka and imitated him being them" (322).