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distance measured in the aggregate number of yards

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Remember, if you can regularly produce three yardages with each wedge and have three or four wedges in your bag, you have up to twelve yardages in your scoring zone arsenal to draw upon.
Their reasoning is as they think they don't know either how far the ball is going or in which direction there is no point in paying attention to yardages.
This would then mean you would know at least six pretty accurate yardages all for distances less than 100 yards (3 clubs x 2 distances/swings with each).
Without the guidance of his usual caddie Tony Navarro, Norman had his yardage book in hand and tried to find sprinkler heads or other markers on the fairway to judge the distance to the green.
Somoza asked Garcia on the approach to the ninth his view of the yardage.
Each 18-hole scorecard includes hole yardages, par ratings, hole handicaps, and course information.
In order to achieve consistency with these 'in between' shots, it is important that you practice three different swing lengths that result in different yardages.
TM], like the original Range Rover, is an advanced design utilizing a single sighting aperture that may either be locked down and used as a fixed-pin sight or adjusted before each shot to account for various yardages.
hole yardages, par ratings, hole handicaps, etc), and GPS coordinates into their handheld or handset for use with IntelliGolf.