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(football) a marker indicating the yard line

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Snip off small corner and pipe sour cream lines over the guacamole to resemble yard markers on a football field.
More distressing, he managed to be confused about the teams, the players, the yard markers and almost everything else.
That is why our Movement has steadily moved the yard markers down the field, legislatively making first down after first down.
Use a taffy apple stick, a bamboo skewer, yard markers, a tongue depressor and other tools to create the relief mould in the aluminum.
We've watched almost every visiting team march all over the yard markers on their side of the field.
Other auction items will include the second half kickoff ball from Super Bowl XXXVIII; a Super Bowl XXXVIII end zone pylon; both official coin toss coins from the 2004 AFC and NFC Championship Games; a set of yard markers and pylons from the 2004 AFC Championship Game; game jerseys from Aaron Brooks, Jeff Garcia, Jamie Sharper, Jake Delhomme, Trent Dilfer, Byron Leftwich, Matt Hasselbeck, Chad Pennington, LaDainian Tomlinson, Fred Taylor and Randy Moss; and signed collectibles including a Brett Favre helmet, a Ben Roethlisberger helmet, a 2004 30+ signature Rookies helmet, a 70+ signature 2004 Pro Bowl ball, and a 70+ signed Hall of Fame 40th anniversary ball.
The work for laying down the turf actually began last week with the placement of the field yard markers, sidelines and end zones.
It was my fault,'' Starr said, admitting he relied on the scoreboard rather than looking at the yard markers, which showed fourth down.
For Canyons' first two home football games against Compton and East Los Angeles, almost no grass between the yard markers in the center of the field could be seen.