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cry loudly, as of animals

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What a pair these selfish, scheming boilers make: Yana Lumb (right) and the Yammering Lump.
The smallest and youngest on Darkstar, this kid wears shirts the size of bed sheets and is constantly yammering on his phone and running business like he was a contestant on The Apprentice.
ABC was caught flat-footed Thursday morning as well, yammering with a former Congressman over policy, while CNN was reporting that more explosions had hit near Baghdad.
Swiss students will soon be yammering in three officially sanctioned languages--but the question is, which ones?
Here's the deal: For all the yammering about how the show is a leftist's wet dream, it falls dismally short.
CHRIS BERMAN, listening to the long-winded yammering of the TV football analysts: "I used to like them better when they were called 'color men' and used to talk only when the play-by-play man went to the bathroom"
I worry about this, especially with the recent yammering about dismantling the welfare system and replacing it with one that relies on the abundance of kind, caring, and compassionate people who will surely give to anyone in true need.
Trosch's frog-eyed figures (the better to see art with, my dear) perform a curious reptilian puppet show while yammering about auctions: "Losing touch with real value you find yourself bidding not to buy the object on the block, but to win, or to keep that revolting man with the mustache from getting it.