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cry loudly, as of animals

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I worry about this, especially with the recent yammering about dismantling the welfare system and replacing it with one that relies on the abundance of kind, caring, and compassionate people who will surely give to anyone in true need.
Trosch's frog-eyed figures (the better to see art with, my dear) perform a curious reptilian puppet show while yammering about auctions: "Losing touch with real value you find yourself bidding not to buy the object on the block, but to win, or to keep that revolting man with the mustache from getting it.
What is more important to you--friendship or an attraction to the guy your BFF can't stop yammering about?
Patterson keeps yammering about the Lakers disrespecting him, about Bryant's arrogance when they were teammates and Jackson's decision not to re-sign him as a free agent in 1999.
I am stunned by your incessant yammering about how the "pretend president" is doing in relation to gay issues.
The FDA's concentrated power breeds public suspicion - suspicion that won't go away simply by yammering about tobacco.
Surfing through the yammering heads dominating Democratic National Convention coverage on the sundry networks and cable news channels can be like shopping for sleep aids.
All this yammering about the Belmont High School area being so dangerous really makes me tired.
Eventually, George Lucas' ``Star Wars Episode 3: The Blandly Titled Cash Cow'' edges out Eric Rohmer's ``Yet More Civilized French People Yammering and Tittering About Relationships and the Weather'' for best picture of 2003.