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Veteran director Rintaro (whose long career encompasses vintage TV faves "Astro Boy" and "Kimba the White Lion") maintains a flow that's duly dreamlike but lacks pacing variety, its spectacle broken only by unenlightening patches of mythos-explanatory yakety-yak.
Experts yakety-yak about whether environment makes us gay, but they miss its true power in our lives.
In the clearest examples of the dialectical nature of African American 20th-century music, horns perform like voices (from the cries, shouts, screams, hollers, and talkin' to its yakety-yak, burlesquey humor and caricature) and voices perform like horns (from the inflection and phrasing of the human voice to "scat" soloing, etc.
MBTA riders get tired of listening to all that yakety-yak on the tracks.