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Synonyms for yak

Synonyms for yak

to talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially

Synonyms for yak

large long-haired wild ox of Tibet often domesticated

talk profusely


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To clarify the relationships among yak and cow lysozymes, AA sequences of YML (GenBank No.
Yak was the first born of General Yak and his mother Agnes from Torit.
More than 78,000 students, parents, and teachers have signed an online petition to shut down Yik Yak, which they call the new home of cyberbullying.
Knowing they'll use it anyway, we've held workshops telling them the best thing you can do is flood Yik Yak with positive comments.
Droll and Buffington say their hope is that over time the positive uses of Yik Yak will overwhelm the negative uses.
Surrounding the Yak 52 are three single seat Yak 50 s.
Upon starting the app, Yik Yak instantly refreshes to show the last 100 messages from up to 10 miles around the user.
We cannot determine why yaks in Qinghai Province were affected and those in Gansu Province were not, but a neighboring pig farm may have served as a source for HEV transmission.
He was over in the UK, but had to fly back to Nigeria on business just before the second leg of our semi-final against Grimsby," says The Yak.
Lee, flying the lead F-80C, pulled in behind him and opened fire: "The Yak started to fall apart, turned over on its back and went straight in.
How does it feel to be a yak in a long, thick coat of brown or black?
Months that Russian regulators restricted the operations of YAK Service, the company that flies the Yak-42, after identifying major safety deficiencies in 2009
After a year of running on all cylinders to bring the idea to fruition, Chatter Yak made its debut Sept.
THE yak is a species of longhaired cattle found across central Asia - particularly in Nepal, Tibet and Mongolia.