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They dove for cover," Live Science quoted Yack as saying.
So I did read it, beginning with Kwame Anthony Appiah, ending with Bernard Yack, and, once I had started reading it, it was indeed difficult for me to put it down.
Editor Pat Yack of The Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, and Managing Editor Michael Richey, are both leaving the paper, according to a short story on the paper's Web site.
Ay Papa, a son of Proud Truth trained by Jose Carrillo, scored by a length from Mexico's Dobil Yack under Jara, who, as well as taking the Classic on the Kiaran McLaughlin-trained Invasor, won the Belmont on Jazil.
At the same time, he joins the growing ranks of those, Bernard Yack and Danielle Allen, for example, who believe Aristotle still has an important role to play in negotiating that landscape.
10, 1993) the New Shorter Oxford (which is now the old New Shorter Oxford, a new edition having come out last year), David Nokes remarks, "A surprisingly high number of slang terms begin with a y, suggesting a fondness for childlike (or tabloid) phonetics: along with yuppie, there is yippie; we have yomp and yump, yuck and yucky, yack, yowza, and yipes.
He instilled a love of adventure in his youngest child and unwittingly became the negative image of the grand dreamers Cendrars would be attracted to or invent: Johann August Sutter, Dan Yack, and Moravagine are larger than life, destined for greatness or extreme cruelty, and capable of organizing vast enterprises and legions of men and women.
The downside of this low power output is that you'll not be using your FRS radio to yack it up with Uncle Fred two countries away.
FSNE president Patrick Yack and public-access committee co-chairs Tim Franklin and Neil Brown made an unprecedented proposal: That newspapers across the state dedicate March 10 as "Sunshine Sunday.
The girls yack and yack and yack some more in "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood," a gabfest in which an estranged Southern mother and daughter sling the hash, egged on by an eccentric circle of friends.
on the yack shows at the same time he's angling for administration jobs for his liberal friends.
For instance, Yack presents a stimulating account of the importance of conflict for Aristotle's understanding of political community.
BERNARD YACK is Professor of Political Science in the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
They include L ' Or (1925; translated as Sutter's Gold, 1926), Moravagine (1926; translated as 1970), Dan Yack (1929), Rhum (1930), L ' Homme foudroye