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someone who plays a xylophone

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It must be stressed that xylophonists were often jealous of one another and tried either to poison one another or to harm one another by jujus or black magic.
His smooth vocals on the rhythmic "Too Much Room" is spiced with rough, bombastic licks from Mystikal, and the legendary xylophonist Roy Ayers is featured (vocals and instrument) on the sensuous "Oh What a Night.
TIFFANY BENTON'S MUSIC CONSERVATORY: In 1996, Tiffany Davida Benton, an accomplished key-boardist, organist, alto saxophonist and xylophonist, established Tiffany Benton's Music Conservatory to provide a first-class professional setting for youth and adults to study jazz, classical, gospel and contemporary music.
4) Percussionist Jake Hoffman (1895-1972) performed with both the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Ballets Russe while honing his skills as an unparalleled klezmer xylophonist.
From that point of view, all books put together are like those household objects that a xylophonist might line up to play, eliciting a bright, high ping from a glass or a dull thud from an earthenware jug.
They included a uni-cyclist, a phony mind-reading act, a xylophonist who played with his feet, and a fire-eater who had nearly burned down Burnley Essoldo
timpanist Georg Druschetzky l1819] and xylophonist Michal Josef Guzikow [1806-1837]), percussionists remained content in the back of the orchestra imitating Janissary bands or other such esoteric ensembles, until the twentieth century.