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adapted to a xeric (or dry) environment

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TABLE 1 Oribatid mites collected from tree mosses (Et-12-10) and xerophytic forest litter (Et-12-11) in Ethiopia.
TABLE 1--Composition of nests constructed by verdin (Auriparus flaviceps), trees or shrubs in which nests were built, and trees and shrubs located within 5 m of the nest in a xerophytic scrubland near La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, in spring 2008.
According to TWINSPAN analysis, the data set was split into two major groups: (1) xerophytic to mesophytic communities of Sesleria caerulea group (128 releves in total); and (2) mesophytic communities with Molinia caerulea or Carex hostiana as dominant species (53 releves in total).
Phytosociology of the remaining xerophytic woodland associated to an environmental gradient at the banks of the Sao Francisco river--Petrolina, Pernambuco, Brasil.
shrubs share a number characteristics of leaves of both xerophytic and sclerophyllous shrubs.
Convolvulus pluricaulis Choisy is a prostrate spreading perennial wild herb commonly found on sandy or rocky ground under xerophytic conditions in northern India.
This reserve is in a semi-arid region of Mexico, and part of the Mexican xerophytic province (Rzedowski 1978).
A transitional xerophytic tropical plant community of the Cape Region, Baja California.
Some of the pioneering works including the installing of wind breaks, straw checkerboards, and the planting of xerophytic shrubs were carried out at Shapotou in Ningxia Autonomous Region.
Wan, Pilu, Jal, Salvadora oleoides A small much branched Mithidiar, Jhar Salvadoraceae evergreen xerophytic tree Lani Salsnln baryosmn Much branched, succulent, Chenopodinceae shrubby, herbs, Kali jani, Suaeda fruticosa A much branched succulent Lana, Lunak Chenopodinceae shrub, 3-4 ft.
socialis are xerophytic mammals and for the two former, even semi-desert species; Calomyscus bailwardi (Zagros mouse-like hamster) are found in habitats ranging from barren rocky hillsides to wetter regions.
It is absent from xerophytic and dry thicket zones with overgrazed pastures and little grass cover (15).
Warmer temperature and drier conditions may stress upland summer grazing lands, extend upslope xerophytic vegetation not fit for sheep or bovine grazing, reduce the fertility of lowlands for fodder production if they are too dry to host grazing herds in the winter and spring, and thus increase pressure for market fodder as well as larger-scale irrigation.
All of them are xerophytic species and those which can grow in disturbed habitats like Salsola imbricate, Rhazya stricta, Haloxylon salicornicum, Calotropis procera, Alhagi sp.