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(geology) a piece of rock of different origin from the igneous rock in which it is embedded

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Sedimentary xenolith content, size and preservation varies considerably between phases, as does the extent of alteration and carbonatisation.
Some xenolith showed equigranular texture with almost uniform small grains.
The xenolith rocks consist mainly of amphiboles (79%) and mica (11%) while the predominant minerals in the matrix are mica (48%), plagioclase feldspar (27%) with lesser amounts of amphiboles (11%).
Clear geochemical similarities between SCS granites and lower crustal xenoliths carried by the SCS Upper Permian alkaline dykes, suggest that the lower crust is the most likely crustal source for the formation of the SCS batholith (Villaseca et al.
Samples 261 to 264 were selected from the northeastern portion of the newly exposed outcrop, while sample 266 was a xenolith only sample from the same locale as 261 to 264.
Autoliths consist of any Marginal Zone lithology hosted within a younger Marginal Zone lithology whereas xenoliths consist of Paleoproterozoic(?
This triumph of the xenolith school is a product of two basic lines of mid to late 20th-century research: (1) petrological study of the xenoliths themselves, as correlated with evolving knowledge of the earth's mantle and of plate-tectonic processes, and (2) modern analytical studies utilizing sophisticated instruments for the investigation of the mineral components of the inclusions in diamonds, and of the ages of these inclusions.
Hill and Ross (1983) interpreted the age to represent the cooling age of the dyke at the time it sampled the xenolith and was quenched near the surface.
However, the following disciplines would all be natural and equal partners in this potential "big science" project: major and trace element geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, paleomagnetism, paleo-intensity studies and insights into core dynamics, structural geology and tectonics, regional mapping, sequence stratigraphy and basin analysis, petrology and xenolith studies, geophysics, geodynamic modeling, economic geology (Ni-Cu-PGEs, Cr, diamonds), Earth systems science and the study of extinction events.
Interestingly, colorless to pale pink acicular microscopic crystals associated with albite and titanite on a granodiorite xenolith from the main vein at Mineral Point give an X-ray powder-diffraction pattern similar to that of allanite.
Mantle lithospheric structure and composition incorporate information from geophysical and xenolith studies constraining the nature of the shallow orogenic mantle.
Occurrence: In a fenitized xenolith (approximately 0.
In one unusual occurrence a xenolith of hornfelsized shale was observed in situ, in the sill near the contact; the xenolith, about 1 meter across, was brecciated throughout and permeated by a dense network of narrow fissures lined with labuntsovite and pyrrhotite crystals.
Occurrence: A single crystal (coated by an unidentified rhabdophane-group mineral) embedded in sodalite in a xenolith of sodalite syenite.