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being five more than ninety

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Total microbial and Xcv counts were subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA) using the SAS software (SAS Institute, version 9.
The population of Xcv in the mustard-treated and inoculated soil was 10.
After inoculation with Xcv and before SS, the population of bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi did not change significantly.
The population of Xcv in the un-inoculated soil was zero while after inoculation it increased significantly to 10.
The study showed that soil bio-fumigation and soil solarisation (SS) reduced the population of Xcv but complete elimination of the pathogen was not attained.
The presence of Xcv in the soil had no significance on the yield of tomato due to SS and bio-fumigation.
Ruminating on death, the borders between the quick and the dead, and what words might cross them, Maud made its richest ironic capital out of an act of self-admonishment about lyric XCV, parodying what had seemed part of the best hope, the highest prize, of In Memoriam.
The main points developed in chapter xcv, making it so much longer than chapter i, may be classified under the headings of expansions, additions and the exemplum.
The exemplum in chapter xcv, here given the editorial title of |The Fishmonger's Stolen Baskets', is obviously a major addition in relation to the first chapter of Jacob's Well.
Its tone and its position at the end of chapter xcv bear the stamp, if not of personal composition by the author, at least of a calculated stylistic conclusion.
The present edition of chapter xcv is not, however, diplomatic, for a transcription of the abbreviations used bv the Middle English copyist would not assist the modern reader.