wrought iron

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iron having a low carbon content that is tough and malleable and so can be forged and welded

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Ayesha Khalid a housewife said Recently my daughter got married and she demanded wrought iron furniture in her dowry as she feels that it is now trendy and easy to maintain as compared to wood furniture.
about 1 piece wrought iron window basket with segmental arches and hand-forged ornaments / decorations
GOING UP: The historic wrought iron railings and gates have been reinstalled at Sir William Turner''s Almshouses, left, below and below left Pictures by KATIE LUNN
Wrought iron is made by mixing iron oxide with carbon and nonmetallic minerals, heating and stirring the mixture around to reduce the iron oxide to iron using carbon, then removing almost all of the carbon by further heating combined with stirring to remove impurities from the iron and to float the mostly iron silicate slag to the surface.
Crew manager Rob Knight said: "The dog had jumped about 10ft from the open upstairs window and had slid down the sloping roof of a bay window on to the wrought iron fence.
After a year of that, he sent his CV to metal fabrication firms and got a job with a firm making wrought iron products.
Steps lead up to a substantial elevated sun terrace with natural stone paving, enclosed by a wrought iron balustrade on two sides.
At the rear of the house, an eyecatching wrought iron spiral staircase winds down to the garden from the wrought iron balcony around the 17ft square ground floor study's bay window.
Wrought iron is commonly used in the yard, on patios and on decks.
Kevin carried on manufacturing superb wrought iron products but at the same time we moved into a couple of other areas.
Powder Room collections include: Bamboo--reflecting images of nature with organic styling, a Brushed Nickel finish and an open waterway spout; Sophisticate--offering an elegant, urban look with marbleized accents for both the Chrome and Brushed Nickel finishes; and Casa--featuring a beautiful high are spout and ornate S-shaped handles in a rich Wrought Iron finish.
The last incident happened earlier this month when a wrought iron gate and newly-painted white gate were snatched from Pencaenewydd, Pwllheli.
THE impressive Echo picture (March 2)of the beautiful wrought iron gates that once adorned the sailor's home in Paradise Street evoked many memories for mariners and raised a few questions.
The ancient technique of hammering, stretching and melting molten wrought iron used by traditional smiths gives each piece a sense of uniqueness which can bring life and individuality back into your home.
The Parks and Recreation Department will host a public meeting Wednesday to see what the formerly divided neighborhood wants done with the 1 1/2 acres of land that surround the black, wrought iron gates erected a year ago.