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obstinately perverse in judgment or opinion

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Melbourne: Blaming limited overs cricket for the struggles of Australia's Test batsmen is wrongheaded, according to former wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist, who says their problems in the Ashes are mental rather than technical.
But even if they sound a little odd at times, and some of these covers are just flat wrongheaded from the start (of all the Creedence songs to go bluegrass with, ``Bad Moon Rising'' should probably be the last one chosen), the commitment is never less than full-on and the results often exhilarating.
Allowing travelers to talk on their cell phones on airplanes would be "the single most incomprehensibly wrongheaded decision of the century," Ben Stein writes this New York Times commentary.
Ever since the decisive and wrongheaded New Deal decisions in the mid-1930s, the Supreme Court has by and large held that the constitutional protections of private property should be read weakly so as to allow governments to act in ways that advance some notion of the common or public good.
A stunning piece of detective work this year by Holly Jackson, a doctoral student of English at Brandeis University, revealed that based on superficial evidence [a photograph] and wrongheaded assumptions [that Kelley-Hawkins was a light-skinned black "passing" for white, an obsession of that era] scholars incorrectly assumed the author's racial identity.
In his latest exhibition, "The Provider," Middlebrook looked to redeem and reclaim the natural world by examining the wrongheaded ways in which human beings relate to it.
Just when you think he's absolutely wrongheaded, he presents arguments that prove he's right.
THE suggestion by Lord Woolf, the Lord Chief Justice, that sentences should be cut for those who plead guilty because the prison population is overflowing is understandable but wrongheaded.
It is patently wrongheaded to ignore these facts, particularly on the implausible expectation that electronically collected data might somehow facilitate creation of a totalitarian regime.
I feel strongly that banning tin-lead solder in avionics or any safety-related electronics is decidedly wrongheaded.
He is also wrongheaded in his evaluation of the "present state of Galileo studies" when he asserts that works by giants such as Duhem, Maier (whose name is misspelled), and Dijksterhuis "had no substantial impact on the specialized scholarly literature" (4).
The impact of this wrongheaded approach is manifest as the head on, pitched battles between undifferentiated competitors for market share.
The real culprit--whether motivated by Progressives' wrongheaded critique of individualism or by a misguided egalitarianism that refused to pass moral judgment on the poor--was the "conscious de-emphasis of the capacity of the poor themselves to improve their situation in meaningful ways.
But he's practically obsessed with hypocritical, wrongheaded Third-World revolutionaries.
But Lippmann also faded into irrelevance toward the end, and his reputation has survived better, even though he was more wrongheaded on more issues than Reston, who was a superior judge of character.