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that which is contrary to the principles of justice or law


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The fair labeling principle aims to ensure that the label describing criminal conduct accurately reflects both its wrongfulness and its severity.
Alternatively, her brothers and sisters in Christ could confront her with the wrongfulness of her actions and encourage her to apologize to her victim.
Since it is certain that there exist other circumstances, short of an armed attack and the corresponding right of self-defense, in which the shootdown of civil aircraft would be authorized, it is necessary to closely examine the circumstances that preclude wrongfulness under international law and to apply the relevant norms to potential shootdown operations.
Although traps have been exonerated on the basis of absence of wrongfulness or mens rea, one could infer from the judge's remarks in S v Ohlenschlager (40) that he does not agree with this method of crime investigation.
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Johnnie Byrd (R-Plant City), who voted in favor of ending the exemption for nursing homes, emphasizes that the proposed legislation will not cap punitives if you can show intentional misconduct or wrongfulness with a high probability' of injury or damage, such as patient abuse cases.
Once the wrongfulness of assassinations, torture and disappearances is admitted, then the moral space that previously permitted their occurrence is considerably narrowed.
It is unclear why the judge believed that such a threat would have any effect if Kaczynski were legally insane, or unable to appreciate the nature and quality or wrongfulness of his actions.
True reconciliation between the Australian nation and its indigenous peoples is not achievable in the absence of acknowledgement by the nation of the wrongfulness of the past dispossession, oppression and degradation of the Aboriginal peoples.
People tend to be sensitive to the wrongfulness in taking that dollar but not in software piracy.
Did Susan Smith have, in legal parlance, the "capacity to conform her conduct to the law" or, even though she undoubtedly appreciated the wrongfulness of her act, was she in the grip of an "irresistible impulse"?
Halakhic authorities wavered on accepting this innovation, some asserting its wrongfulness, since the man has no obligation and the woman is an autonomous person.
The wrongfulness of her conduct diminishes in light of the titleholder's complete failure to act.
The wrongfulness of harms in society seems logically to imply their wrongfulness in every substructure of society,
While Jacobson involves the so-called subjective view of entrapment used in the Federal courts, some State jurisdictions permit an objective entrapment defense that stresses the wrongfulness of Government action without regard to the defendant's criminal predisposition.
Wrongfulness does not exist in a vacuum but depends on how much risk a situation presents.