wrongful conduct

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As noted in a footnote to the majority opinion, the bill contained a version of the wrongful conduct rule, prohibiting a convicted felon from collecting damages from a negligent defendant if the damages arose when the plaintiff was committing, attempting to commit, or fleeing from a felony act.
11) Failing to do so may be regarded as intentional or negligent wrongful conduct if reducing resources causes harm to patients.
The purpose of a trial, of course, is to determine whether the wrongful conduct alleged actually took place and to decide whether the criminal law was actually broken by that proven behaviour.
I would certainly hope that this settlement following a verdict and success at trial will send a message so that Glendale does not engage in wrongful conduct in the future.
If the company had not obtained the authorization during the hiring process, it may be difficult to obtain one later when the employee is suspected of wrongful conduct.
The first tier limits punitive damages to $1 million or three times the amount of compensatory damages, whichever is greater, in cases where an employer participated in the wrongful conduct, condoned or ratified the conduct, or if the employer engaged in gross negligence that contributed to the injury.
CA chief executive Charles Wang said in a statement that the court failed to recognize the effects of CSC's wrongful conduct concerning the tender offer.
You may not prevent the actual loss of business, but with the proper agreements in place, you can sue the former partner for what's known as tortuous interference in your ability to do business, or wrongful conduct.
The court dismissed this argument, stating the common-law rule of imputing the wrongful conduct of a corporation's directors and officers to the corporation applies for the purposes of determining the FDIC's obligation to indemnify Grant.
Cyber policies will often cover a breach, regardless of allegations of negligence or other wrongful conduct, so long as the firm was responsible for safeguarding the information breached.
Assistant attorney general, Kathryn Keneally, said, 'This non-prosecution agreement addresses the past wrongful conduct of LLB-Vaduz in allowing U.
Judge Kelly said he was satisfied the bank was entitled to judgement over Mr Quinn's wrongful conduct in which he was described as having a "pivotal" role.
Hailing from South Waziristan's Wanan region, a local journalist and professional video-cameraman Mujib-ur-Rehman in his writ petition claimed an undisclosed sum of damages for their allegedly wrongful conduct as well as for wrongful termination while he was an employee of theirs.
Any claims that Nic Cage engaged in fraud or wrongful conduct is absurd and ridiculous," said Marty Singer, Cage's lawyer.