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Companies with pending cases that involve high-profile issues being targeted by the Commission should be on alert that those cases may require an admission of wrongdoing.
If a corporation's agents--such as directors, officers or other employees--participate in die wrongdoing, their conduct can be imputed lo die corporation as if the corporation itself had acted wrongfully.
If this isn't a wake-up call, consider that 61 percent reported that a candidate's commitment to rooting out corporate wrongdoing would significantly influence their vote in November.
Whilst I accept my share of responsibility for not uncovering wrongdoing sooner, I did not mislead Parliament and the evidence does not support any other conclusion.
The Act included wrongdoings not previously encompassed by laws for whistle blowing, including securities and accounting fraud and bribery.
Former Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has been cleared of any wrongdoing over the awarding of police contracts worth Au3 million to one of his friends.
He strenuously denies any allegation of wrongdoing or criminality and is happy to co-operate with the police if required further.
In a statement posted last night on his official website, Robinho's spokesman Chris Nathaniel said the Brazilian international denied any wrongdoing and was happy to co-operate with police.
Using attribution theory (Weiner, 1986, 1995, 2006), this study examines how specific cognitive and emotional responses to perceived workplace wrongdoing lead to whistle-blowing decisions.
In general, the moral status of those whose role in wrongdoing is complicit rather than primary seems not to be well understood by participants in the professional community.
THE instant Los Angeles city officials heard a loud roar from some in the black community after the LAPD Board of Rights absolved Officer Steven Garcia of any wrongdoing in the 2005 shooting death of black teen Devin Brown, they jumped over each other to express indignation and demand reform.
Pursuant to this DPA, the government filed a criminal charge against the firm and KPMG admitted extensive wrongdoing, but the Justice Department agreed to "defer" prosecution of the case and to dismiss the charge if KPMG pays specified stiff penalties and implements certain new reforms and enhanced standards.
THE leader of the jockeys' trade body yesterday rejected allegations of any wrongdoing by his members and underlined the high level of co-operation between riders and the Jockey Club investigators, writes Jon Lees.