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Thomas Friedman writes that the Mideast is a complicated place, in which the brief mourning of a figure with truly troubling ties is not necessarily a display of wrong-headedness.
Domitrovic reminds us that the economic wrong-headedness of the '70s had led the nation into a ditch of high inflation, high unemployment, and slow growth--or as they called it in those days, "malaise.
The villains perpetrating this wrong-headedness are the members of something Baker calls the "legal elite," most of whom seem to hang their hat in Toronto.
Nor is his insistence that Marx contributed to this wrong-headedness with a definition of class that defined real workers as only those employed for a wage, whose dispossession occurred within the logic of industrial capitalism's 'market freedoms,' necessarily as obvious a point as van der Linden assumes.
The wrong-headedness of prohibition cost three families full-time livelihoods.
Szasz makes a powerful and politically astute argument about the wrong-headedness of individualized solutions to collective environmental problems, and takes the reader through the promises and pitfalls of consuming our way out of environmental crises.
But Bush threw it away with the stubborn wrong-headedness which has been the hallmark of his two terms in office.
West's deftly rendered portrait of the cohort that rode on a wave's crest--from the halcyon days of Whitlam's reign through to the Keating Rinascimento--brings to light the wrong-headedness of much contemporary left-liberal thought and practice.
Mr Hain's degree of wrong-headedness on the matter was exposed in a Radio Wales interview.
For Hall, the story of the Potsdam Giants is not a historical curiosity, but a neat allegory of our modern wrong-headedness about size.
Frank Field accused ministers of wrong-headedness in failing to ensure adequate reform of the basic state pension.
Cardinal Pell is surely aware of church history, which shows again and again how the hierarchy has been wrong and how good people have suffered because of its wrong-headedness.
Now other themes have been added to Abel's repertoire, such as the central importance of energy conservation and the wrong-headedness of the whole cyberspace metaphor.
Faust was, from the time of the pact, beset by a misdirected desire for speed, 'Bume, die sich taglich neu begrunen' being the most farcically obvious expression of wrong-headedness.