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BUPA has agreed to establish a secure and confidential fax line and postal address to enable optometrists to provide the written report required by the regulations.
This Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) addresses the reporting accountant's responsibilities when requested to issue a written report on
Teacher education students self-evaluated their written report for mechanics, content, and quality with a Fieldwork Project Rubric (see self-evaluation categories identified in the translation phase).
Johnson, who has resumed her position as director of the Anglican Church of Canada's partnerships department, in a written report to PIM.
The medical director and legal department went into orbit concerning the case and wanted a full written report validating my decision to counter the appeal (and the political heat).
Following a discussion with Kathleen Johnson, Elizabeth's mother, Peak to Peak middle school Principal Bernita Grove agreed to modify the ground rules to allow the girl to prepare a written report, but not deliver an oral one in class as other students would do.
The permittee also has to submit a written report that contains the probable cause and duration of the deviations(s) and any corrective actions or preventive measures taken.
His written report contained two appraisals: one for the value of the property before the taking and one for the value after the taking.
Lawyers for the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing yesterday asked a court not to allow the trial's presiding judge Lord Sutherland 'a second bite of the cherry' and should not be allowed to submit a further written report giving his opinion on the case and on the grounds of appeal.
Primary emphasis for participation is placed on a written report along with an entry form, a high school transcript, a recommendation, and a copy of standardized test scores.
PREMIER League chiefs have demanded a written report from referee Mike Reed explaining his apparent celebration of a Liverpool goal.
After completion of the reverse audit, a written report is given to the taxpayer.
The consultant provides a written report including diagnostic findings, treatment, and additional recommendations within 72 hours of the appointment and/or receipt of all the pertinent data.
Submissions may be accompanied by a written report of a maximum of 500 words on A4 paper.
You can include the technical name in your title and written report.