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From last week every member of the public who is stopped by the police can ask for a written record giving the reason or reasons they have been stopped.
For a chance to win tickets for the event, simply answer the following question: Which location is home to the first written record of curling in 1541?
The impact of releasing such information as part of the written record of the FOMC without a significant delay would only result in the exclusion of this vital information from the FOMC policy discussion.
The consulting firm used Cambrian Alliance Protection Services of Sudbury to deliver the finished advertisement to Tele-Direct in order to have a written record of the delivery.
Despite this lack of written record, the author has done a remarkable job of assisting the reader to enjoy and understand the talent of this major artist who represents the transition between two centuries.
A good rule of thumb - disaster or not - is to keep a written record of prescriptions with the patient's name, dosage and physician's name and contact information.
Kalo, not a very popular figure among the Oppositions females for even innocuous remarks, was shown mirror by blunt and sharp-worded Samina Khawar Hayyat, who brought evidence in the form of written record of the Assembly proceedings of June 19 2003, when Kalo was found heaping lavish praises on ex-military ruler General (r) Pervez Musharraf.
He said: 'The use of ICT in the assembly chamber and the fact that we place our written record on the web rather than on parchment is seen by other parliaments and assemblies as something to aspire to.
The advice includes telling the school the child has asthma and ensuring a written record is kept of the medication they take.
The written record actually indicates that Elizabeth did seriously consider marrying but that while her councillors all agreed she should wed, they could never agree wholeheartedly to support a particular candidate.
The Act requires that controlled waste should be kept or disposed of only by an authorised person and that a written record of the description of the waste is kept.
CAMICO has long advocated that accounting firms establish a written record retention policy that is applied consistently to all engagements.
The recommendation states a written record should be made by police of every 'stop' and 'stop and search' they carry out.
The 10-week course, entitled Coventry and its Written Record, is being run by Coventry City Council's archives service and Warwick University Open Studies programme.
You need a written record of all kinds of thoughts.