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The decision to scrap the translation of English speeches into Welsh in the official written record could have faced a legal challenge.
Because it collects some sixty years worth of articles, interviews, news reports, police reports and record reviews, plumbing almost every type of written record on Davis and providing a selection of the best writings revealing the man and his music.
The event comes a year on from when police were first required to provide a written record to people of why they were stopped or stopped and searched.
It was announced that no written record would be kept so that there would be greater freedom of expression.
On This Day: 1495: The first written record of Scotch whisky appeared in the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland.
NEW rights entitling everyone who is stopped by police to ask for a written record have been unveiled in West Yorkshire.
Under the 'Curling's coming home' banner, it will also celebrate the first written record of the sport at Paisley Abbey in 1541.
All other noncosh dona- Acknowledgment (1) tions Reliable written records (2) Payroll deduction Paystub, Form W-2 or other reliable written record Documentation from charity (6) Out-of-pocket expenses Receipt, cancelled check or while serving as a other reliable written records volunteer Acknowledgment (7) Type of donation Over $500, up to $5,000 Cash Acknowledgment (1) Noncash: Acknowledgment (1) 1.
The 10-week course, entitled Coventry and its Written Record, is being run by Coventry City Council's archives service and Warwick University Open Studies programme.
It reduces the need for conference calls and provides a written record of assignments, action plans and so forth.
Kojiki ("Records of Ancient Matters") Together with the Nihon shoki, the first written record in Japan, part of which is considered a sacred text of the Shinto^O religion.
The impact of releasing such information as part of the written record of the FOMC without a significant delay would only result in the exclusion of this vital information from the FOMC policy discussion.
The consulting firm used Cambrian Alliance Protection Services of Sudbury to deliver the finished advertisement to Tele-Direct in order to have a written record of the delivery.
Despite this lack of written record, the author has done a remarkable job of assisting the reader to enjoy and understand the talent of this major artist who represents the transition between two centuries.
A good rule of thumb - disaster or not - is to keep a written record of prescriptions with the patient's name, dosage and physician's name and contact information.