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If the winner refuses to be part of the government without a written document, then the other parties of the Albanians will think hard whether to enter the government without any guarantees.
He explained his group's decision not to send a written response to the Egyptian document, saying, "We did not want to send a written document.
In each of these examples the absence of written documents to substantiate tenancy agreements weakened their validity and led to court cases.
The Finnish social democrats have for the first time taken a stand towards possible Finnish NATO membership in a written document.
It tells the reader how to develop and implement written document collection and retention policies.
Anyone wishing to give testimony must submit a written document not to exceed three-typed pages to Debbi Seeger at debbis@aca.
A COMMON misconception about employment contracts is that unless there is a written document, there is no contract of employment.
Also contains a written document analysis worksheet.
Smith produced a written document that promised an average return of 25 to 35 percent.
The second key written document for a compliance plan is the Compliance Plan Policy.
Prepare a detailed agenda that will provide the needed direction, organization, and detail needed to avoid prodigious notetaking, enabling the attendees to pay more attention to the presentation while still having a written document for reference.
This written document will then become the company's strategic plan.
Without a written document, it's very easy for partners to forget who does what," he says.
Plaintiffs' primary allegation was that a written document signed by Georg Von Canal, while claiming to be the President of Hycarbex, promised Khan & Piracha, a Pakistani law firm, a twenty percent (20%) carried working interest in the Yasin Concession for allegedly providing assistance to Hycarbex in extending the exploration license for the Concession in 2003.
Justice Richard Johnson sent a written document prepared by the prosecution outlining the options open to McKevitt.