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Chris Evans: "I'm so pleased you've given him a written agreement not to be in contact with that child.
2015, the renewable if necessary, for the same period, four times a written agreement.
The policy's appraisal clause requires--as a condition precedent to appraisal--that the parties enter into a written agreement setting forth the terms of the appraisal.
On July 29, 2010, Consolidated Bank and Trust Company ("CB&T" or "the Bank"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Premier, the FRB and the State Corporation Commission Bureau of Financial Institutions ("Virginia Bureau") entered into a written agreement ("Written Agreement") requiring CB&T to perform certain actions primarily designed to improve the credit quality of the Bank.
What's happened with Kieren has opened a can of worms, but it's about a person who has signed a written agreement, and that is completely different.
A written agreement would help ensure that required services are provided to beneficiaries and protect beneficiary health and safety, which could be endangered by a lack of coordination between hospice and LTC providers.
The written agreement addresses Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money-laundering compliance at Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, including policies and practices relating to the provision of correspondent banking services.
MAKE sure you have a proper written agreement of who gets what if you are in a lottery syndicate.
The payments must be in cash, and pursuant to a divorce, separation or written agreement between the spouses; they must terminate at the death of the recipient; and they must not be designated as something other than alimony in the agreement.
The question, however, is what should you do if the written agreement appears to support the action contemplated by the supplier'?
Like married spouses, common-law partners can opt out of the property sharing regime by entering into a written agreement dealing with their property.
When non-Federal personnel are assigned to a Federal entity, there is a written agreement which records the obligations and responsibilities of the Federal and non-Federal entities, including provisions for reimbursement of costs associated with the program.
The details of a partnership must be contained in a written agreement that sets out the rights and responsibilities of the partners.
have entered a written agreement with the Federal Reserve and the Arkansas State Bank Department designed to improve the bank's loan portfolio.
Ideally, there is an express written agreement that assigns patent rights for inventions made on the job to the employer.